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Core values

Based on our primary motto of, “online shopping made easy” and our secondary motto of, “where customers come first”, our three simple “3 -Cs” general guiding principles that govern all Amashikolo activities are: customer satisfaction, customer gratitude and customer loyalty.

At Amashikolo we believe no business can succeed without CUSTOMER SAFTISFACTION. Our customer is both king and queen! We draw on the Japanese “Kaizen” philosophy of “continuous improvements – optimizing every part of our business.” Here at Amashikolo we are always looking for ways to do better for our customers to satisfy their needs – sourcing suppliers of quality products at good prices, competitive pricing, faster delivery, and an enjoyable and quick transaction speeds. In all, our primary goal is to, “EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS” in all our business dealings by being very “GRATEFUL” and building “LOYALITY” with all our customers.

Hence, at Amashikolo, our second principle is therefore, CUSTOMER GRATITUDE. Here, we rely on the African proverb, that says, “Give thanks for the little and you will find a lot.” We in-advance, value and give gratitude to all our customers, irrespective of the magnitude of business done with us. Our success depends on the global village of nearly 200 countries, and your small individualistic decisions which collectively will make us winners! At, Amashikolo we are grateful to all the people who are our customers. We appreciate your comments and your repeat business every time!

And at Amashikolo, our third and last principle as can be seen from the above, is CUSTOMER LOYALITY which is a culmination of the first two principles.  Hither, we borrow from the experiences of businesspeople worldwide and the Chinese philosophy of “Guanxi.” This requires the building of long-term personal relationships and connections to do business based on mutual trust and loyalty, rather than through written contracts or one-time interactions.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you, countless times! We assure you, at Amashikolo, customers do indeed come first! We respect and love all our customers!  We wish you a wonderful year, full of happiness and success!

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